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It's the one thing kids often really really want and there's no denying they're fun and make sharing a bedroom a little easier - what is it? Of those injuries, children from 4 years old and younger sustained an estimated 15,541; children from 5 to 14, an estimated 71.265; older children and young adults 15 to 24, an estimated 14,571; adults 25 to 64, an estimated 7,836; and adults 65 and older sustained an estimated 309 injuries.
The Australian Standard states the space between bars or panels of household cots should be 5 centimetres and 9.5 centimetres, as gaps wider than this create an entrapment hazard. bunk bed with desk Australian Camps Association chief executive officer David Petherick said "90 per cent" of injuries were caused by children misusing the beds by playing on them, not sleeping.

Your toddler can choose from classy white bunk beds with a step ladder or loft beds with block steps and space for a desk underneath. This protective effect does not transfer if a baby sleeps in a room with other children, probably because children do not know if an infant is safe or not.
Browse our collection of kids beds girls love. Of course, all our bunk beds are made to Australian manufacturing standards, so every bunk bed is compliant and safe. Top bunks should be used only for sleeping, not playing. Every bunk bed is required to have a warning label that states that no child under 6 years of age or younger is to sleep in the top bunk of a bunk bed.
Babies and young children spend a lot of their time sleeping, so you need to be aware that some sleeping arrangements are not safe and can increase the risk of SIDS or cause fatal sleeping accidents. Make sure that the mattresses are suitable for the bunk bed in question — for example, if you'e replacing mattresses make sure you check the effect their size will have in relation to the height of the guardrail.

It was the first death of its kind known in WA and the consumer watchdog has reminded parents about the dangers of bunk-beds and recommended they not be used by children under nine years old. One study estimated even 11 and 12-year-old children in bunks had a three times greater risk of hospital-treated injury than those who slept in standard-height beds.
Make sure you buy a bunk bed that meets the mandatory safety standard. Classic single beds are versatile and stay in style, whilst trundle, storage, canopy and bunk beds create extra space. In a written finding on the toddler's death in Melbourne, handed down on Thursday, Coroner Kim Parkinson found there were product safety design standards for bunk beds and cots but not for single beds, and called on authorities to rectify that.

Deluxe double bunk beds typically boast additional storage under the bed or a pull-out trundle. Keep the bedroom tidy by creating an environment that encourages your children to store away their toys and games. If youre not limited on space, choose a low-line long wall bunk bed.
Injury surveillance data (VISS) shows that eighty-six percent of bunk bed-related injuries in children under fifteen years of age occur in children under ten years. Always use the firm mattress that is supplied with the cot and don't add additional padding under or over the mattress as your baby may become trapped face-down in the gaps created between the mattress and the cot wall.

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