How Zechariah Vision Take Concern Us Today

In the opening chapter of the New Testament book of Luke, we learn that one main task of that man who would become known as John the Baptist was to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus Christ. I believe that many times God provides means of escape or whispers words such as "You are going through this large wilderness because I have a giant Promised Land for you." Sometimes by listening to evil spirits' radio frequencies, we do not hear the words "Change Course or Stop," before it is too late.
Haggai lays down the mind of God to the people more plainly in direct and downright terms; Zechariah flies a higher pitch, abounding with types and visions; and is therefore worthily reckoned among the abstrusest and profoundest penmen of Holy Scripture… We pass from dark prophecies to that which is much more dark” (Trapp).

But, blessed be God, " the Angel of Jehovah encampeth (as with a great invisible host) round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them " ; and if there are evil, malignant spirits (ever restlessly walking to and fro in the whole earth on their mischievous intent of hindering, if they cannot frustrate, the gracious purposes of God and the manifestation of His Kingdom on the earth), God also has His messengers who walk to and fro to counteract and frustrate Satan s designs, and to succour and shield, and in many more ways than we know, to be ministering spirits to them who shall be heirs of salvation.
The prophet was so astonished to see the alteration which had taken place in Joshua dressed out in his new and sumptuous apparel, that he broke in upon the vision, and spake himself, And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head.” I do not know what business Zechariah had to speak; but truly, if I had seen the vision, I must have done the same.
Now the second thing is Israel's deliverance in verses 6 and 7, Ho, ho, come forth.” Now I don't know exactly how to translate this, actually the Hebrew is the word, Hoi, hoi,” and it's kind of emphatic and I have a good friend who preaches the Bible in another city in the state of Texas and he thought that this was so emphatic that he kind of likened it to the word that of an officer spoke to his company, Attention!” And that's the way in which he would like to translate this.

In the very midst of that remnant of His oppressed and afflicted people though their eyes may be holden so that they can not see Him afflicted in all their afflictions, is ever Israel s Redeemer, " the Angel of Jehovah," who " encampeth," with an invisible host, round about them that fear Him, to deliver them.
Also, the national discipline of God is a reason for anti-Semitism, Renoir said, Common sorrow unties man more than common joy.” But unity is more than in the mind of God when he disciplines Israel, he has sent them out among the nations for discipline and that discipline is designed to bring them to a place of obedience.
Of the subdivisions of which that band was composed, inasmuch as he was mounted upon a steed of a red colour, and not of a colour distinct from the rest " : but he overlooks the fact that in answer to the prophet s question, on YouTube "What are these, my lord?" "The man," standing among the myrtles, answers, "These are they," etc., not " We are they," showing that though he was the Captain of the Lord s host, he was not to be confounded with them.

But that isn't the end of it. Zechariah's enigmatic visions, working at multiple levels, and his poetically charged messages are at work still, like time capsules in the lives of God's people, continuing to release insight and hope and clarity for the people whom God is using to work out his purposes in a world that has no language for God and the purposes of God.
But the LORD, the Angel of God's presence, before who Joshua stood, acts as an advocate in the defense, when he rebukes Satan, (in the name of the LORD).That is, in the name of the LORD that has chosen Jerusalem, to put his name there forever, he is the one who rebuked Satan.
In this vision, Zechariah saw a man with a measuring line go and measure Jerusalem to find out how long it is. An angel came up and told the angel talking to Zechariah, "Run, tell that young man, 'Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of men and livestock in it. And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,' declares the Lord, 'and I will be its glory within'" (Zech.

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